1. Who is SportiveBuddy

SportiveBuddy OÜ (hereinafter SportiveBuddy), with its headquarter located at Akadeemia tee 5, Tallinn, Estonia. SportiveBuddy was established on August 21, 2023 as Private limited company, and is registered under number 16801469 in Tallinn, Estonia

2. What information is collected and processed by SportiveBuddy?


To connect with other users, it's necessary to create a personal profile on SportiveBuddy. We only request essential information needed for the proper functioning of the service, without collecting any unnecessary data for marketing purposes. When creating a profile, users are prompted to provide certain details about themselves, but there's no obligation to share all information. The following details are mandatory for all users:

You retain the right to amend the information you provide at any juncture. In essence, your profile is not accessible to the general public. It is viewable exclusively by registered users, in accordance with the preferences and settings you establish. You have the autonomy to customize these preferences at your discretion.

Rights of Data Subjects

You possess the privilege to formally request, access, and, as deemed necessary, amend your (personal) information within your profile at any juncture. Should you seek elucidation on the particulars that SportiveBuddy has retained about you, or should the need arise to modify details not visibly present in your profile, you are entitled to initiate contact with us through our designated email address ([email protected]).


SportiveBuddy retains and processes all content submitted through its platform in adherence to established procedures. As a default configuration, all user accounts are perceptible to registered users within the application. Should you choose to disseminate content publicly, for instance, on your profile, it is essential to recognize that such content attains accessibility exclusively by other registered users. Consequently, these registered users are duly authorized to employ and engage with the content in accordance with the permissible functionalities provided within the SportiveBuddy platform. This default visibility setting is inherent to the operational framework of SportiveBuddy, fostering user interaction and engagement within the confines of the application.

Upon request for termination of your profile, SportiveBuddy will promptly render your profile inaccessible. It is important to note that SportiveBuddy retains the authorization to use all content in conformity with the stipulations outlined in the User Conditions. Nevertheless, upon your initial request, SportiveBuddy will undertake the removal of the content as per the aforementioned conditions.

Automatically generated information

In order to ensure the seamless and optimal functioning of SportiveBuddy, essential for tasks such as accurate event display and the overall security of the service, SportiveBuddy requires certain information. To achieve this, SportiveBuddy systematically gathers automatically generated information related to your browsing behavior during your use of the platform. This collected data includes detail such as your IP address—a unique numerical identifier assigned to your device, facilitating the recognition of your device. This practice is instrumental in enhancing the user experience, safeguarding the integrity of the service, and ensuring the effective presentation of events within the SportiveBuddy platform. SportiveBuddy utilizes this information, it is consistently anonymized

3. What are cookies and does SportiveBuddy use them?

What are cookies?

Cookies, as referred to herein, are diminutive text files that are stored on the hard disk of your device. These files serve multiple functions, including the retention of your preferred settings for a designated service, webpage, or website. Furthermore, cookies may be employed to regulate the frequency with which you are exposed to a particular advertisement and to log the instances of advertisement displays. For more comprehensive information on cookies, we encourage you to seek additional resources available on the internet.

Does SportiveBuddy use them?

At present, SportiveBuddy does not engage in the collection of any type of cookies. It is imperative to acknowledge that in the future, there may be a prospective utilization of cookies. In the event of such a development, any alterations to this practice will be promptly communicated to our user base through multiple media channels, maintaining a commitment to transparency and ensuring that users are duly informed regarding any modifications to our data collection practices.

4. For what purposes will SportiveBuddy use information about you?

SportiveBuddy is committed to keeping you informed about the ongoing development of its service. In the event of introductions such as extensions or updates, SportiveBuddy will communicate these developments to you. Additionally, SportiveBuddy may provide information about promotional activities that have been or are being organized by the platform. This commitment to communication is part of our effort to keep you apprised of relevant information related to the SportiveBuddy service.

If you prefer not to receive email messages from SportiveBuddy, each email sent to you by SportiveBuddy includes an option to unsubscribe. This allows you the opportunity to opt out of receiving further communications from SportiveBuddy at your discretion. SportiveBuddy strategically utilizes automatically generated data for statistical analyses, safeguarding measures, and continual enhancements to its platform. This data, when subjected to a comprehensive anonymization process, ensuring the complete removal of personal identifiers, may be shared with third parties. The purpose of such sharing is to contribute to broader statistical insights and collaborative efforts while meticulously upholding user privacy. This practice aligns with our commitment to transparency and responsible data management, wherein the shared information remains entirely dissociated from any personally identifiable details. Without your explicit consent, SportiveBuddy will refrain from disclosing your personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes, such as forwarding offers.

SportiveBuddy may share your data with third parties under the following circumstances:

These provisions are in place to ensure the responsible handling of your data and align with legal and regulatory requirements.

The Websites or any other technologies may include hyperlinks or elements that redirect you from the SportiveBuddy platform to the website of a third party. SportiveBuddy does not exert control over the services and/or websites of third parties linked through such means. Consequently, the use of these services and/or third-party websites may be subject to a distinct privacy statement. It is essential to recognize that this privacy statement by SportiveBuddy solely pertains to (personal) data acquired through the SportiveBuddy Service. SportiveBuddy disclaims any responsibility or liability for the functioning and/or content of services and/or websites offered by third parties. Users are advised to review the privacy statements of third- party services and websites for comprehensive information on data handling practices.

5. How does SportiveBuddy safeguard your personal information?

SportiveBuddy is committed to employing appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of your (personal) data, guarding against potential loss or unauthorized processing. As part of this commitment, SportiveBuddy takes comprehensive measures to securely store all personal data, employing advanced methods to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of the information entrusted to the platform.

6. Examination and Enhancement of Your Data

You retain the perpetual right to review your own (personal) data within your Profile and, if deemed necessary, rectify it. In the event that you seek insight into the data stored by SportiveBuddy about you, or wish to modify information that is not directly accessible through your Profile, you may initiate contact with us via email ([email protected]). This affords you the opportunity to exercise your rights of access and correction in accordance with applicable legal frameworks, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your personal information within the parameters defined by SportiveBuddy's policies.

7. Transmission to countries outside of EU

For technical and operational reasons, at present, your (personal) data is not transmitted to (servers of) companies associated with SportiveBuddy and/or service providers in the United States or other countries outside Europe. However, should such transmission occur in the future, any changes to this practice will be expeditiously communicated to our user base through various media channels. This commitment underscores our dedication to transparency, ensuring that users are promptly and comprehensively informed about any alterations to our data collection practices.

8. Is SportiveBuddy accessible to individuals under the age of 18?

By acknowledging and accepting this Privacy Statement, you affirm and warrant that you are of the age of eighteen (18) years or older at the time of creating a Profile on SportiveBuddy. This confirmation serves as a representation of your legal eligibility to engage in the activities outlined within this Privacy Statement, and it is an essential condition for the use of the SportiveBuddy platform.

9. Is it possible for alterations to be made to this Privacy Statement?

This Privacy Statement is subject to modification, and any such changes will be duly communicated to you through formal announcements on the SportiveBuddy Website and/or via other media channels. It is your responsibility to stay informed about any updates or modifications to this Privacy Statement. The continued use of the SportiveBuddy platform after the implementation of any changes implies your acceptance of the modified terms.